Let’s change your story. So you can change your world. (Maybe even change the world.)

This is Simple Courage. The storytelling space, community, and movement you need to ditch the rulebook, go against the norms and systems that keep us caged, and become you again. One small, courageous step at a time.

Get ready to say, “F*ck expectations!”

Take down The Patriarchy. Shift the power dynamic. (No biggie, right?)

Some of us feel trapped by society. Some of us feel trapped by ourselves. Or systems. Or past expectations. That we haven’t been able to shake off (yet). But the more that each of us can define and strive for our version of freedom, the better things get for… well... everyone.

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Meredith Struby, georgia

“Simple Courage allowed me to explore fear and courage in a brand new way, which helped me find clarity and peace, as well as connect to an amazing community.”

DEL Friday, british columbia, canada

“I made more progress in six weeks than all of last year simply because I learned to act without fear of failure.”

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