You did it!

Nice work! There’s just a few things to do and then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays knowing we’ve got you covered the first week of 2022.

Mark your calendar. How you start the New Year matters. If you don’t make the time for your priorities then, you can’t expect to as the year progresses. We’ll host live trainings at 10am CT each morning from January 3-7. If you know you’ll have a conflict, block out when you’ll watch the replay and do the work. Plan ahead and make it happen!

Access our Challenge materials. We’ll continue to update the Challenge materials (including worksheets and trainings) as we proceed, but the link to grab what you need will remain the same. There’s already content waiting for you, so check it out now and bookmark it so you’ll have it handy. 

Share the Challenge with your friends and colleagues. Who you’re surrounded by and what they’re focused on influences your thoughts and behaviors. So recruit your besties to join you so that you can hold each other accountable. When you do so, you might even win a prize… like a free ticket to our live event in San Diego (valued at $1497). You’ll get an email with your unique referral link in the next few hours. Watch your inbox! 👀

We can’t wait to support you during the Best Year Best You Challenge and find out what an amazing 2022 looks like for you!

P.S. Our office will be closed for a holiday break from December 24 to January 2 but you can get support before or after by emailing